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Location: Glasgow - Scotland - United Kingdom
Address: 54 N Castle St, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH2 3LU, UK
Date Posted: 13 de Octubre
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Driving Licence Exchange provides advisory and exchanging Driving Licence services to a broad range of institutions, from the world's largest private equity firms to some of the leading mid-sized companies. Looking beyond traditional metrics to identify companies and individuals that can remain successful in the face of a rapidly changing world. Each year, in partnership with the Financial Times, we recognize the most insightful business books from around the world.
Our approach
Driving Licence Exchange helps build the structure of the modern world and our position in the industry brings unique opportunities and unique responsibilities. We firmly believe that a successful business is a responsible business, and long-term grown for the individuals goes hand-in-hand with our wider commitment to our communities, our employees, and the environment. We want our business to be sustainable in every sense of the word-a business that is both profitable and responsible.
How we are putting this into practice
Our corporate responsibility approach is structured around four areas, which reflect the key priorities of our business and our clients
we want to make each and every person working on our behalf feel valued. we are using our expertise in Driving Licence Exchange services to develop. We play an important role in all the communities where we operate. Driving Licence Exchange is the worlds leading integrated Driving Licence Exchange services company, with a presence in more than 32 countries. Driving Licence Exchange is the leader in all major global Driving Licence Exchange service markets, including all age group of our clients.The Group has a world class Driving Licences Exchange services business with global portfolio of over 140 countries Driving Licence Exchange services we offer. Through its core values of sustainability, quality and leadership, Driving Licence Exchange commits to operating in a responsible way with respect to the health, safety and well-being of its employees. Through its core values of sustainability, quality and leadership. Driving Licence Exchange commits to operating in are responsible way with respect to the health, safety and well-being of its employees, contractors and the communities in which it operates. It is also committed to the sustainable management of the environment. It takes a leading role in the industry's efforts to develop breakthrough exchanging Driving Licence service and is actively reaching and developing services to contribute to combat climate-change. Our business principles, the foundation of our culture of client service, teamwork, excellence, personal initiative and accountability, are fundamental to our long-term sustainability and success. We created our Business standards committee in 2010 to conduct an extensive review of our business standards and practices. Insights in this section originate from individuals in different divisions. Each of our business has different focus areas, goals, time horizons, investing and working with people styles and our clients, so it is not unusual for individuals to have different views on similar topics.

Shared Services:

Driving Licence Exchange, with its significant global presence, can use its size and worldwide reach to optimize services across the company, while also enjoying the benefits of using economic of scale. At the same time, we have a commitment to ensuring different parts of the business are empowered to make decisions, ensuring accountability at the right level within the company. Our shared services cover the areas of purchasing for raw materials, services, energy and capital items as well as shipping and logistics, IT, legal services, real estates, shared services, centers and sales of by products. The shared services teams ensure best practices are developed and followed throughout the group, while also sharing local good practices with the entire organization. We believe that a lean and effective organization is essential to making sure the company is managed as efficiently as possible.

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